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The Best Hair Replacement Services in Nashville, TN

When you are experiencing hair loss, reach out to Special Effects Hair Studio. We provide hair replacement services in Nashville, TN. Get a customized hair system that is perfect for your individual needs and lifestyle. We offer free consultations and have private rooms.

Hair Restoration Service

When you are looking for the best hair restoration service around, Special Effects Hair Studio is the only name you can rely on. We deliver honest and professional work in Nashville, TN. Anyone can give you a wig, but no one provides non-surgical hair replacement with our level of care and service.

Hair replacement service is an important part of what we offer. We provide superior results indistinguishable from natural hair growth. Special Effects Hair Studio always lives up to your expectations in hair restoration, which is why you can depend on us. With our excellent hair services, we know you’ll be satisfied with the results. Our skills in prosthetic hair are unrivaled, and you always get excellent value for the price you pay.

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Custom Hair Replacements

Special Effects Hair Studio is known for custom Hair Systems. Because of our great work in prosthetic hair, we have been recognized for excellence in hair replacement services. This gives you the confidence to choose us to meet your hair replacement needs. Our work in Hair systems speaks for itself, and Special Effects Hair Studio welcomes the opportunity to prove it to you.

We want to be a constant. When you think of natural-looking and beautiful hair, we know that Special Effects Hair Studio will be the first name that comes to mind in Nashville, TN, because no one does a better job of providing a solution to your hair loss. We have worked hard to earn our reputation.

Your input about Hair Systems is important to us. We want everything to match your specifications, from length to style. We put in incredible effort with attention to detail. For custom Hair Systems, we are the ones to call. Contact Special Effects Hair Studio today to discuss your hair replacements needs.


There are different types of attachments available to secure the toupee or hair prosthesis to your head.

Bonding System

A bonding adhesive is applied to the scalp and hair system.

Tape Systems

We use a special tape to apply the hair system and keep it in place.


We can also use clips to attach the hair prosthesis to your existing hair.

Other Services

Special Effects Hair Studio also provides cuts, styling, and other conventional salon services.

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Let us know what you need in custom Hair Systems and how we can help. If you have any questions about our hairpieces, don’t hesitate to ask. For the best results in hair restoration, get in touch with Special Effects Hair Studio.